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Nutrition: Cite Your Sources

A guide to library resources and research in nutrition

Citation Managers

What is a Citation Manager?

A citation management tool is software that helps you organize your research, and create reference lists, bibliographies, in-text citations into a specific citation style such as AMA, APA, and more.

Cite with Microsoft Word

When you install the EndNote software to your computer, it comes with a plugin for Word, called Cite While You Write. This plugin will allow you to add references directly to your papers as you're writing them.

For PC Users:

For Mac users:

Using RefWorks with Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Citation Style Guides

In-depth guides to citing your sources, such as AMA, APA and more.

Why Do I Need to Cite?

1. It gives credit to the person who created the idea.
2. It allows your readers to locate the sources you used, therefore they can read or judge them for themselves.