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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences : Drug information

A guide to online and print resources in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines (formerly Natural Standard)

Commonly used reference books

These are on the 3rd floor, in the Reference area (toward the entrance-side of the building, away from the stairwell and near the Favat children's collection). Look at the Books and Ebooks tab above (under Finding Sources) to find ebook versions of many of these.


AHFS Drug Information

RS 125.A56x

ASHP- Medication Teaching Manual


Brigg's Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation

RG 627.6. D74

Conn’s Current Therapy


Dipiro: Pharmacotherapy

RM 263. P56

European Drug Index

RS 51. E98

Facts & Comparisons

RM 300. F33

Facts & Comparisons: Drug Interactions

RM 302. D76

Facts & Comparisons: Nonprescription Drug Therapy


Goodman & Gilman: Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics

RM 300.G644

Hansten's Managing Clinically Important Drug Interactions

RM 302. H35

Harriet Lane Handbook

RJ 48. H37 2999

Herfindal: Textbook of Therapeutics (Helms is the new main author)

RM 262. C5

Index Nominum

RC 55. I47

King's Guide to Parenteral Admixtures

RS 201. P37K56

Koda-Kimble: Applied Therapeutics

RM 262. A65

Koda-Kimble: Handbook (companion to Applied Therapeutics)

RM 262.A65


RS 141.3 M4

Meyler's side effects of drugs : the international encyclopedia of adverse drug reactions and interactions (6 vol.)

See also Side Effects of Drugs Annual 2008 in 4thfloor stacks RM 302.5.S53

RM 302.5. S52

Mosby's Drug Consult (was formerly called Mosby’s Gen Rx)

RS 55.2. P48


RJ 253. Y77

Nonprescription Product Therapeutics

RM 671. A1 P69





RS 75. P5


PDR for herbal medicines

RM 666. H33794

PDR for nonprescription drugs, diet supplements, and herbs  (used to be called “PDR for OTC products”)

RM 671. A1 P48

Pediatric Drug Handbook

RJ 560. B46

Red book

HD 9666.1 D75

Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences

RS 41. R4

Review of Natural Products


The Complete German Commission E Monographs

RM 666. H33 C67


Current NU only.

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