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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences : Books and Ebooks

A guide to online and print resources in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.


AHFS Drug Information  

Brigg's Drugs In Pregnancy And Lactation 9th ed.

Dipiro: Pharmacotherapy 9th ed.

Facts and Comparisons

Goodman & Gilman: Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics 12th edition

The Harriet Lane handbook

Martindale: the Complete Drug Reference (part of Micromedex)

Neofax  -- Warning: Neofax (in Micromedex) only supports the Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers will not work correctly.

Red Book  (for drug pricing info, not to be confused with Red Book report on infectious diseases) Find it in Micromedex under OTHER TOOLS.

Review of Natural Products

Teddy Bear Book: Pediatric Injectable Drugs

Trissel's Handbook on Injectable Drugs

Trissel's Stability of Compounded Formulations


Also available:

Conn's Current Therapy

Availability: all are current NU only.

NOTE: there are apps for the mobile version of StatRef, available for download


Harriet Lane Handbook of Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy

New books classified under pharmacy

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Health Science Ebooks


Hundreds of medical texts and handbooks from Lippincott for students and researchers in the health care professions.

Facts & Comparisons Clinical eAnswers

Contains authoritative and comprehensive drug information tested for reliability. In addition to descriptions, generic and commercial names, dosage, warnings, it includes a drug/disease indications database, dosage, body measurement, and general pharmacology calculators, patient handouts, and much more for the health professional, and pharmacy and pharmacology researcher.


Drug information databases and full text tertiary literature, with the full text of these resources: Red Book Online, Neofax, Index Nominum, and Martindale.

Clinical Key

Includes 50 leading medical texts as well as 80 full-text medical journals, Clinics Review Articles, 1000 practice guidelines, 15,000 patient education handouts, current drug information, 50,000 medical images, medical news. Search within First Consult for information on medical topics, differential diagnoses, procedures.

R2 Library

Collection of full text reference books and textbooks in pharmacy, nursing, and pharmaceutical sciences from key health science publishers. Fully searchable and includes A-Z drug and topic indexes. NU subscription currently includes seven selected titles.

 STAT!Ref  - Download apps for mobile version

A cross-searchable, full-text library of health care information that integrates selected core reference titles, including DSM-IV-TR and Merck 19th ed, with evidence-based resources, patient information resources, and innovative tools in one site.


Browsing Books

Begin your search in Scholar OneSearch limiting to "Library catalogs" if you know the title or author or want to search by keyword.

Or browse these call numbers in the 3rd floor stacks for the following subjects.  NOTE of caution: most of the newly acquired books are in e-format, not print.  Search Scholar OneSearch limiting to "Library catalogs" and sort by date to find the most recent books.

RM 1 – RM 146.7:
Therapeutics. Drug prescribing. Medication errors.

 RM 147 – RM 180:
Administration of drugs and other therapeutic agents

 RM 182 - RM 190: Other therapeutic procedures.

 RM 259: Vitamin therapy

 RM 260 – RM 263: Chemotherapy

 RM 265 - RM 267: Antibiotic therapy

 RM 270 - RM 282: Immunotherapy

 RM 283 - RM 298: Endocrinotherapy

 RM 300 - RM 666: Drugs and their actions

 RS 1 – RS 151.9: Pharmacy. Formularies. Pharmacopoeias.

 RS 153 - RS 441: Materia medica. Pharmacognosy.

 QP 901 - QP 981: Experimental pharmacology

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