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African American and African Studies: My Profile

A guide for research in African American and African Studies

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Christine Oka
Snell Library
(617) 373-3316

Interview and Profile

2002 Library Journal "Movers and Shakers" interview

Education and Training

MLS UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Tactical Training, Fort Devens, MA
USAFSACS United States Air Force School of Applied Cryptologic Sciences, Goodfellow AFB, TX

Defense Language Institute, Presidio, Monterey, CA

BA Japanese Language, UCLA

Publications and Presentations include:
Magazines for Libraries (2017). 26th edition. Edited by C. LaGuardia; Assistant Editors, E. Diaz, and C. K. Oka. New Providence, NJ: ProQuest LLC

Contributor to Magazines for Libraries Updates.

Kellogg, D., Dendy, J & Oka, C. K. (2008 May). Paths to Information: Assessing Student Use of Library Tools in an Advanced WID Program. Presented at Ninth Biennial 2008 International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, Austin, TX.

Oka, C. K. (2005 July). Invited speaker at conference to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the UCSB Library Fellowship Program.

LaGuardia, C., Oka, C., Williams, H. & Zald, A. (2002 August). Teaching Across the Divides in the Library Classroom. Presented at the 68th IFLA General Conference and Council, Glasgow, Scotland.

LaGuardia, C. & Oka, C. K. (2000) Becoming a Library Teacher. New York: Neal –Schuman Publishers, Inc. (The New Library Series; 3)

LaGuardia, C., Oka, C.K. & Griego, A. (1994) “Living Diversity: Making it Work.” IN Hill, K.H. (Ed.) Diversity and Multiculturalism in Libraries. (pp 215-226). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, Inc.

Oka, C., LaGuardia, C. & Griego, A. (1994) “Instruction and Identity: Diversity in Library Classes and Collections.” IN Curry, D.A., Griswold Blandy, S., Martin, L.M. (Eds.) Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Academic Libraries: Multicultural Issues. (pp 67-78). New York: Haworth Press.

Oka, C.K. (1994) "Environmental Justice/Environmental Racism," Amerasia Journal, 20(3), 150-153.