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Sociology : HONR 3300 Difference & Diversity in the European Union

A guide to online and print resources in sociology.

Getting Books & eBooks

The collection is accessible through the Scholar OneSearch --> library catalogs option: 


  Develop your Research Question or Thesis

Start by writing a question or statement that describes your topic.  For example:

  • Who is an Ethnic? What does this mean for Identity?

  • What does this mean for social integration?

 Select your Research Tools

Here are some questions to help you get started with a class assignment or research project; you may have others. 

           The Library provides access to an image database, ARTstor, for educational use.
           Search the library catalog option in Scholar OneSearch for media resources, such as the video, 
Ressources humaines = Human resources.
Visit the Library's Digital Media Design Studio to learn about other 
           multimedia resources and fair use practices.

  • Do I need numbers - data, statistics, or polls - to back up my thesis?

           The Library provides access to Data and Statistics and we also have statistical
handbooks in the Reference Collection.

           Use iPOLL Databank for national public opinion poll questions and answers
           from the past 70+ years.

           Try Scholar OneSearch for "transnational migration" or 
           muslim "non-muslim countries". NOTE: the quotations will search the words as phrases.. 
           Choose an article search tool recommended in the Research Guides by Subject
           such as the Religion, History, or International Affairs.

           Use Individual selected interdisciplinary databases such as 
           Academic Search PremierJSTOR and Sage Journals Online

           Search by subject heading in Academic Search Premier--for example

Use a specialized journal, such as

TIP: change the
           SU Subject Terms option to SO Journal Source.


  •  Do I need late breaking news on my topic?

           Use one of our Newspaper resources.

           You may wish to visit the University Archives or consult a staff member at the
           Research Assistance Desk.

          For EU primary sources, check the Archives of European Integration at the
          University of Pittsburgh.

Your Librarian

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Christine Oka
Snell Library
(617) 373-3316

Copyright & Digital Copyright

Most library materials, whether they be books, articles, audio, videos, images, or many types of software, have restrictions on how they can be used or integreted with other materials.  Federal Copyright law gives the creators or authors of these materials protections against unfair use or reproduction.  At the same time, federal law allows certain leeway for "fair use" of these resources for educational purposes.

 Because of the complex and evolving nature of copyright law, rather than try to explain its nuances, this guide points to well known and detailed sites that do just that.  They are listed below.

In addition, the following links are to additional information on copyright from the NU Libraries.

NU Libraries Copyright information
Section of the Multimedia Guide pertaining to copyright