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Sociology : HONR 3310-01 Interdisciplinary Global Justice

A guide to online and print resources in sociology.

Getting Started

Have some keywords to describe your research topic? Use them in Scholar OneSearch, (the Library Catalogs + Articles) option  to locate materials on your topic!

Scholar OneSearch is a Google-like search engine. If you want to search the phrase, globalization theory, use quotation marks.
The above search leads to an article defining the terms used to describe globalization theory and poverty.

Get basic information from Dictionaries & Encyclopedias such as

Oxford English Dictionary
THE authoritative source for definitions!       

International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Contains substantial, signed articles on philosphical aspects of social sciences; a search for poverty brings over 500 full-text results:

For intellectual property information, check World Intellectual Property Organization for news, updates and the WIPO Magazine.

For interdisciplinary research, check suggested resources in subject guides developed by NU librarians

Global Issues in Context covers a wide range of topics. Browse Topics will get you an alphabetical list of all topics.

Opinion pieces are accessible in Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Browse Issues to see the complete viewpoints list.

PLAN your research-- thesis statement? more keywords? what type of research tools?

Other formats, such as 

Social Progress Index TED Talk Edit/Delete Quick Stats
Article and link to Ted Talk on "Why we Shouldn't Judge a Country by its GDP"

Social Progress Index measures 52 indicators on a country's social progress

Perceived Corruption Index compiled by Transparency International

NU News Edit/Delete Quick Stats
 The Pope’s encyclical ‘shifts the conversation’ on climate change

Sun Come Up Edit/Delete Quick Stats
Documentary short film about the first environmental refugees, released in 2010.

Organizational publications, such as


United Nations (check their Global Issues page)

International Court of Justice  includes PDF of 320-page 6th edition Handbook

Some interdisciplinary resources

NOTE: Combine EBSCOhost databases for interdisciplinary research. Also, use the citation output option to email or download citations and links to articles.


Research and Writing Support

Get Help  
with citation, research questions, tech support

Subject Librarians Edit/Delete Quick Stats
Subject Librarians work in several Library departments. They assist individuals and small groups with research projects.

Digital Media Commons Edit/Delete Quick Stats
DMC is a collection of collaborative work and teaching spaces, with expert help in using the digital and 3-D resources. 

Archives and Special Collections Edit/Delete Quick Stats
Archives staff members work with primary source materials in both print and digital form.

The Writing Center
The Northeastern University Writing Center is open to any member of the NU community and exists to help any level writer, from any academic discipline, become a better writer.The Writing Center offers face-to-face appointments at 412 Holmes Hall.  Book an appointment here!

Want to highlight the group presentation with PowerPoint or video?

Information Technology Services    Training Services

Online Training and access through the library webpage for online modules.

Getting more information

Some results from global poverty  search in Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)

Check Subjects for alternative searches, such as poverty reduction, poverty international cooperation, etc.

Scholarly, Academic, Peer-Reviewed Journals

Types of Periodicals

Have a journal title? Check Ulrich's Web to identify TYPE of journal. Refereed journals will have a referee's shirt!

Many databases also identify academic publications. See Academic Search Premier example: