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Sociology : SOCL 2270 Racial and Ethnic Relations

A guide to online and print resources in sociology.

Central Questions to Address

  1. How does racism alter normative institutional arrangements so my chosen institution becomes racialized?

  2. How does this racialization function on micro, meso, and macro levels for my chosen racial groups?

  3. What is the twin process of "rewards" and "punishments" distributed to my chosen racial groups in my chosen institution?

  4. What are the full effects of this specific instituional racism and how are they accumulated across generations, not just within one's lifetime?

  5. What are the different measures necessary to achieve equality and equity for my chosen racial groups in my chosen institution?

For more in-depth research

Check databases on Subject Guides for specific types of institutions, such as  business, education, engineering, etc.

Social Sciences Premium Collection (ProQuest) contains 14 databases, including Sociological Abstract, Social Services Abstracts. 
NOTE: Do NOT check the Full text box--use the Find a Copy link to locate full text.

NOTE: Two other ProQuest databases: Ethnic NewsWatch and GenderWatch

JSTOR, is a huge collection of scholarly books, articles and pamphlets.       NOTE:Use Advanced Search to select journal collections 

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT) Comprehensive -- Use the Advanced Search option. Check Help Guide for search tips.

ASA Citation Style (Purdue OWL)

Getting Started

Have some keywords to describe your research topic? Use them in Scholar OneSearch, (the Library Catalogs + Articles) option  to locate materials on your topic! 

NOTE: Scholar OneSearch is a Google-like search engine. If you want to search the phrase, higher education, use quotation marks!

Get basic information using Dictionaries & Encyclopedias, such as  

Oxford English Dictionary 
THE authoritative source for definitions!       

 International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Contains substantial, signed articles on aspects of social sciences.


Print/Online books, such as Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations 


Check suggested resources in subject guides developed by the NU librarians

PLAN your research-- does the thesis statement need to be updated to reflect new information/knowledge? are there more keywords? 

and check the ASA style manual on the Purdue OWL