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English: Literature, Rhetoric, and Composition: Spring 2018: ENGL 2450, Postcolonial Literature


We will use:

  • An advanced university press encyclopedia (along with Wikipedia)
  • Library book catalog
  • Advanced subject database (along with Google Scholar)

To talk about:

  • How to orient yourself in a field
  • How to create a mind-map of concepts and terms
  • ​Using highly curated (smaller, more specific) databases

Encyclopedias and the Research Process

Where do you usually stop first when beginning a research project? The (encyclopedic) overview is a very old form that is often our first stop for beginning research.

Scholarly Handbooks in the Library

In addition to simple searches for the author or text, you can try adding terms like (handbook* or companion* or guide*) to find overviews or crit* to find secondary sources.  Sift through titles, abstracts, and subject headings for more terms.

MLA Bibliography

The MLA Bibliography is a highly curated collection of scholarly work in literature and related disciplines. Each item is tagged with standard subject terms by people with advanced knowledge in literature, and searches for specific theoretical terms like hybridity will be very fruitful.

Google Scholar

We'll get many more results. Which overlap? How might we narrow this down?