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English: Literature, Rhetoric, and Composition: Fall 2010: ENGL 4673, Modern Drama

Class Handout

Analyzing a Play

There are many ways to approach drama, and it can be difficult to decide how to write about your play.

Range of Sources

To help you think about different types of published information out there, use our Types of Periodicals chart and consider, for the following two sources:

  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Length
  • References/bibliography
  • Vocabulary
  • Audience
  • Originality of research
  • Type of review

MLA Citation

Overviews of Pinter and Shaw

The Reference Shelf lists many additional sources for overviews of authors, works, and literary terms.

Articles on Shaw and Pinter

You may not always find something with the exact title reflecting your topic; there might not be an article called "The Merging of Artistic Dynamics and Social Concerns in Mrs. Warren's Profession."

Rather, you may find an article that says something interesting about narrative in another Pinter play, and apply that article to The Homecoming. Or you may find an article on Shaw's artistic choices in another play, and apply that to Mrs. Warren's Profession.

The following are simple searches in the MLA Bibliography for articles on your two plays; however, you must choose the articles most relevant to your thesis, and use those articles to brainstorm more search terms for finding additional articles.

The following article databases are the best places to start for research in literature and drama: