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SOCL 2321: Research Methods

Research tools for sociology topics

Introduction to Sociology

Assignment 1 due Tuesday, October 4

Task 2 on the assignment asks you to keep track of your keywords and the resources you searched. Here's a sample grid that may help you develop your search strategy while fulfilling the requirements:

At the same time, Task 3 asks you to list the sources you found-- use the filtering options in databases---scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, newspaper articles. Take the time to evaluate webpages before adding them to your list. 

Websites that may be related to the grid:


Check the topics listed in Global Issues in Context. This resource provides different types of information resources, including a curated list of websites. Here's a sample from the database:

NOTE: Use the citation tools provided by the database. For APA style citation questions, search in the APA Style Blog--the style keeps changing as more information options appear!

Starting your Research

Literature Review

Sage Research Methods is a collection of reference books, handbooks and manuals on research. Useful Project Planners give brief overviews of research, such as literature review (and how to have a successful one), sampling and online surveys. Try out the widget below. 


Writing your Research Paper

First time writing a research paper? Research Fundamentals (formerly the First Year Writing Guide provides a number of pointers and advice. The PLAN  tab at the top of the page is especially useful when getting started.

Visit the Research Tutorials Guide for quick video/slides/checklists how-to-do research!

Helpful Hints from Sage Research Methods Online include:

Find Books, Journals, Films or Music with Scholar OneSearch

Search for articles, books, media and more with Scholar OneSearch.




If you know the title of a book, journal or video. . . 

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